About us

We are a civil association, founded 19.11.1999.

We focus on:

1. The activity of the association is focused on restoration and reconstruction of historical monuments, especially ruins, and within law in co-operation with appropriate authorities.
2. The association is also engaged in tourism, with an emphasis placed on the promotion and recognition of cultural and historical monuments.
3. The association will provide exhibition space for the history of castles and organize and make presentations, seminars and workshops.
4. The association will implement agrotourism as a complementary activity, for purpose of presenting life 
in the ravelin in the past.

5. The association will launch publications and publishing activities in order to promote association's 
activities and history, restoration and reconstruction of historical monuments.

6. The association will support the activities of other similarly focused non-profit organizations.
7. At the appointed actions and activities, CA DONJON will ensure voluntary activities every year at need(camps, work stays, meetings).
8. The association will operate agricultural activity at need on its, resp. leased parcels, farming original breeds of domestic animals and cultivated indigenous crops and trees and management of adjacent areas for the purpose of education and approach the traditional way of life of people in the castle and ravelin. Its not about business.
9. The association will work with volunteers on its activities.

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