- since 2000 we reconstruct artillery fortification in the ravelin of castle Sklabiņa
- we cleaned a 1630 original stone well 30 meters deep
- since 2006 we operate private " Museum of Castle Sklabiņa
- we farm original breed of goats, called alpine goats with large horns


-completely reconstruct the entire building of artillery fortification from 1630
Originally it was 70 meters long. Make it available to the public.
-return to the ravelin  original appearance and life
-breed the original breeds of domestic and farm animals
-grow native crops and medicinal plants in the garden and orchard.

-permanently present "Eco-Life at the Castle" strictly speaking in the the ravelin
-organize cultural events in our area
-raise national awareness of visitors of the museum by its showcase
-provide an unbiased interpretation of history
-enhance museum visit rate

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