Museum started up by reconstruction of part of an 1630 artillery fortification. The reconstruction was realized from 2000 to 2006. This year appropriate building office made the  building acceptation of museum and we started its operation.

Visitors can see many archaeological finds that are spotlighted and displayed in showcases. The museum also has several stone gothic and renaissance coats of arms. The exhibition also includes portraits of owners of the castle, antique furniture, old wooden wagons and sleds, photos of the castle before its burnout(before 1944), period weapons and other exhibits (see photo below).

This exhibition is unique of its kind and the only one in the entire ®ilina region, because it does not bind only to the history of the castle, but also the surrounding, as well as the whole Kingdom of Hungary.


Visiting the museum is accompanied by a detailed explanation of the exhibits as well as related historical events. For this reason, visiting the museum is suitable for groups - schools, summer camps and other groups of tourists. Groups of 10 people and more is good to announce at least two days in advance by phone (0905 483 367). If you are interested, we can arrange organized tour of the castle Sklabiņa with explanation for visitors. In museum  you can buy souvenirs - postcards and magnets. During the season tourists  have unique opportunity to taste real homemade goat cheese (fresh, smoked).


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